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MASSACRE Back From Beyond LP (YELLOW MARBLE) do_przechowalni

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wydawca: Osmose Productions
format: 12"LP
rok: 2023
kraj: USA
gatunek: death metal

Reedycja trzeciego albumu Massacre. Żółto-czarny Marble Winyl 180g. okładka gatefold.

Re-issue, 300x heavyweight marble transparent yellow/black 12" (180g) in a black poly-lined innersleeve; gatefold, full-color printed on 350g, all assembled in a plastic overbag.

The band's legacy dates back to 1984, although they didn't release their now-classic debut-album ‘From Beyond' until 1991. Up until that point, it was an on-again/off again affair, however, in that Butler, Rozz and Bill Andrews (drums) put MASSACRE on hold as they teamed up with the late metal icon Chuck Schuldiner.

Fast forward to January 2012, when the reunited MASSACRE performed on the ‘70,000 Tons Of Metal' cruise in the Caribbean. It was clear that MASSACRE - now with Ed Webb (vocals, ex Diabolic / Eulogy) and Mike Mazzonetto (drums, ex Pain Principle) filling out the line-up - were serious about being back in business, showcased in great shape and were offered a record deal on the spot.

No need for the extra bells and whistles you're bound to find in modern-day death metal productions , and no attempts were made to make MASSACRE something they're not.

333 is the title of Funeral Winds 8th studio album and refers to the Dweller in the Abyss, the Demon of Dispersion, also known as Choronzon. Seen as the last great obstacle between the adept and enlightenment, Choronzon needs to be faced to be able to move beyond the Abyss.

Stylistically, this album is raw and cold Black Metal that throws the grit right in your face.

Funeral Winds stays true to the original values of Black Metal, hateful and relentlessly contemptuous in sound and vision.

CD in jewelbox (clear tray), inlay 2 pp, full-color on 135g art paper, booklet 8pp., full-color on 135g art paper, all assembled and cellophaned.

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