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label: Nymphaea Records
format: CD
year: 2010
country: Russia / Serbia
genre: folk viking metal

Svarun is an international symphonic metal music project created and lead by Nikola Pacek-Vetnić (SRB), and performed by Rodion Kitaev (RUS), Viktoriya Kargina (UA), Marko Ercegovac (SRB) and Einar Storlien (NOR).


1. Žezlo (Scepter)
2. Meranija (Merania)
3. Krunidba (Coronation)
4. Glas (Voice)
5. Jabuka (Jewel)
6. Slavija (Slavia)
7. Molitva (Prayer)
8. Vlast (Ascendant)
9. Kolovrat (Sunmark)
10. Besmrtna (Inextinguishable)
11. Seobe: Narod (Migrations: Folk)
12. Seobe: Pohod (Migrations: Conquest)
13. Коронация (Coronation, Russian version)


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